Love Of The Common People

A series of articles and video content, so diverse it's impossible to find a common theme. Instead, I decided to focus on the one thing guaranteed to bring me joy – music. As an 80's baby, one song from that era provided the inspiration needed. It is the essence of Love Of The Common People that represents the underlying premise for this adventure.

In the words of Paul Young:

Living on a dream ain't easy, but the closer the knit, the tighter the fit, and the chills stay away.

Join me as I learn through everyday interactions to promote the power of connection and create a community based on that which we have in common – life.



A modern day story of overcoming the past with the support of others in order to liberate myself from being without a home but an overwhelming desire to find one. Having a roof over my head was nothing in comparison to finding myself and breaking the bonds of the past, through learning in the moment and with a focus on the future.

Willpower and a refusal to let my past or current circumstances dictate my future. I embarked on a project of of self-discovery through observation – of myself, those around me and the structures that form our society. Through awareness and conscious change I found a way to overcome the odds and change my life.

#nofilter documents my progress, with the knowledge it's evolving as those around me shift their perspective.

What Is Love. Baby Don't Hurt Me

Bring Me Home

The Education Of Life

You And Me

The Sweet Escape


Consenting Adults Create

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#8.5 Happy Wife Happy Life

#8.5 Happy Wife Happy Life

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#8.4 That’s What People Say

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To Forgive Is Divine

#8.3 To Forgive Is Divine

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#8.2 The Woman Behind The Green Curtain

#8.2 The Woman Behind The Green Curtain

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Dare I Remind You

#8.1 Dare I Remind You

In my position, I deal with society's most vulnerable, as well as narcissism when faced with the vulnerable's abusers. On the opposite end of...
A Thorn In My Side

#7.5 A Thorn In My Side

Want to know the best way to disarm a faker? Fake it. Take whatever they think you're lacking and amp it up. They have...